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Office 2016 Direct Download Links

Office 2016 is the latest version in the Microsoft Office family. Microsoft focuses entirely on distribution with online installers, and makes it extremely hard to find usable disk images for offline installation. Finally, we were able to dig out some offline installers, although, these downloads are merely images of the backup media downloads, based on… Continuar lendo Office 2016 Direct Download Links

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StarCraft and Brood War are now completely FREE

In 2016, a StarCraft patch surfaced on Blizzard’s FTP site with the version number 1.17. It would’ve been the first patch for StarCraft since 2009, but it mysteriously never went live. We’ve had to wait a bit since then, but today’s the big day: patch 1.18 has arrived, the first update in eight years, and… Continuar lendo StarCraft and Brood War are now completely FREE